Your article popping into my inbox on a Saturday morning is a highlight every week. You make me think, cry, empathise and most importantly your thoughts challenge me in the best way every time! I have stories to tell but like your friend, I hold back right to the end (If I say it at all!), which doesn’t fit, as I believe myself to be a straight talking Northerner too! I’m going to live up to that and try to be more open, more direct and more specific….. and I eagerly await next week’s email.

Thank you. Happy Saturday x

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Hi Emma,

I am not sure how to contact you so I hope you don't mind me doing it this way.

I am an embodiment expert. I help people recover from a variety of different disorders including PTSD through conscious and sub conscious movement. I have devised a system and written a book called HTR: Hormone Tension Release which is a natural alternative to HRT - no prescribed medication needed. I'm an embodiment expert and I would love to send it you, because I think you will find it very interesting. The book helps to release hormone tension, stress and pain from women's bodies, giving them freedom and relief from: anger, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, disconnection, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, hot flashes, pain (sciatica, back, belly, breast etc.) and so much more. It can also improve fertility.

The book is 53,000 words and is being published on Kindle in December and print shortly.

My website is www.thefoxlieplan.com - it would be fantastic to talk to you. my email address is allegra @ thefoxlieplan.com

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A great piece to read. It’s also something that I’ve considered particularly coming out of social isolation during lockdown and having to reconnect with friends over this last year, ‘platitudes and east content’ seem to be the order of the day and honestly i’m finding myself totally switching off from some people who don’t appear to have anything to say beyond that. I’m purposefully asking deeper questions to illicit exactly that reconnection you’re talking about, so needed after being separated from people for so long. Can’t won’t out if people are just out of practice telling interesting anecdotes, or maybe they never did and I’m only just noticing lol!

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Spot on Emma. Really helpful advice - thank you

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